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    MITSUBISHI RAYON Cleansui Alkaline ion water conditioner Replacement Cartridge ALC1110

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    sku: MIT01072
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    Product details

    1 Year Long Spare Cartridge

    This is a replacement cartridge for the Cleansui Stationary Water Filter. Each cartridge has about a 1-year lifespan. It removes 13 impurities found in water


    1. Residual chlorine - Added as a water sterilizer but gives water a bad taste.
    2. Murky water (micro-organisms, solid lead, etc.) - This filter can get rid of red rust, etc.
    3. Trihalomethane - Chemicals 4-7 react with chlorine and organic compounds found in tap water to produce trihalomethane, a known carcinogen.
    4. Chloroform
    5. Bromodichloromethane
    6. Dibromochloromethane
    7. Bromoform
    8. Soluble lead - Causes mental disorders in newborns and infants if accumulated in the body.

    9. Agricultural chemicals (CAT) - A widely-used herbicide and pesticide.
    10. Musty odor (2-MIB) - Foul odors that end up in water.
    11. Tetrachloroethylene - Used in dry-cleaning solutions, metallic resins, etc.
    12. Trichloroethylene - Industrial waste (as a metal adhesive, etc.).
    13. 1-,1-,1-Trichloroethane - Industrial waste (as a stain remover, etc.).


    Dimension: 6.8 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches
    Weight:13.6 ounces
    Main body: Model Stationary Alkaline Ion Water Conditioner 02 Clean Alkaline AL001 AL001-GR
    Type of filter material: Hollow fiber membrane (polyethylene), activated carbon, ceramic
    Approximate replacement time: Approximately 1 year (when using 10 L / day)

    Click here to see how to install CLEANSUI