MITSUBISHI RAYON Cleansui Faucet Water Filter CSP601

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Product description

Cleansui Series Faucet Type Water Purifier Model CSP601-SV

The MITSUBISHI RAYON Cleansui Faucet Water Purifier CSP601-SV is a water filter system that fits on your existing faucet. The Cleansui filter is sleek and modern, incorporating a simplistic digital-number screen and crystal window to let you know when it's time to change the filter. More importantly, it eliminates 15 toxic compounds from tap water.

Filtering your tap water is more economical than buying water in bottles. Would you rather buy 450 bottles of water in one year or four filter cartridges? Each Cleansui filter cartridge has about a 3-month lifespan at 10 liters per day.

Cleansui Water Filter removes 15 toxic compounds

1. Residual chlorine - Added as a water sterilizer but gives water a bad taste.
2. Murky water (micro-organisms, solid lead, etc.) - This filter can get rid of red rust, etc.
3. Trihalomethane - Chemicals 4-7 react with chlorine and organic compounds found in tap water to produce trihalomethane, a known carcinogen.
4. Chloroform
5. Bromodichloromethane
6. Dibromochloromethane
7. Bromoform
8. Soluble lead - Causes mental disorders in newborns and infants if accumulated in the body.
9. Agricultural chemicals (CAT) - A widely-used herbicide and pesticide.
10. Musty odor (2-MIB) - Foul odors that end up in water.
11. Tetrachloroethylene - Used in dry-cleaning solutions, metallic resins, etc.
12. Trichloroethylene - Industrial waste (as a metal adhesive, etc.).
13. 1-,1-,1-Trichloroethane - Industrial waste (as a stain remover, etc.).
14. Iron particles - Mostly originating from plumbing pipes, they cause rusty water and bad taste.
15. Aluminum - Found in aluminum-based coagulants for clean-processing water.

Click here to see how to install CLEANSUI

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5.0 4 reviews
Speedy delivery and convenient product

Product reached me in a couple of days. Now I can have filtered water at my convenience! I have been using it for nearly 6 months now for a 2 person household and the filter counter stands at 697L. It will take a long time before I need to change my filter!

Highly recommended

Love the product, works well and easy to install (it helps to read others reviews to identify which bracket to use). Design wise, it is wonderful and more compact that the Hyflux filter I was using previously. Would certainly get my replacement cartridge from them. Took about 5 days to reach me from Japan which was reasonable.


This is certainly an excellent product and buying through Wonect makes it doubly sweet. Item properly packaged and efficiently sent. Total 5 days from Japan to Kuala Lumpur. Will be ordering more items.


Best thing I brought online. Definitely cheaper than what I can buy from my country. The delivery is good and packaging is 2 thumbs up!