Merries Flushable Baby Wipes 64 sheets

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Product details

Merries quick-cleaning baby wipes that you can flush in the toilet.

Flush it down the toilet!

Greatly reduce changing time from start-to-finish by tossing both your baby's poo and the baby wipe together in the toilet.

Peace of mind with its quick breakdown!

It has the same easily-breaks-down qualities as toilet paper for safe flushing.
(※ To avoid clogs, only flush 1-2 sheets at a time.)

Suited even for potty training!

Conveniently flushable during potty training when the parent is still teaching the child how to wipe his bottom.


How to Use:

Make sure to select Merries Flushable sheets before flushing the sheet in the toilet.



Natural Hamamelis virginiana extract


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