HARIO Coffee V60 Drip Kettle Buono VKB-120HSV

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Product details

Goose neck pour-over coffee kettle

HARIO Coffee V60 Drip Kettle Buono VKB-120HSV is a goose-necked kettle designed for pour over coffee or any other situation where you need fine control over the amount and speed of flow of liquid.

The thin mouth allows you to control the amount and speed of the liquid easily.

It works with all heat sources: IH200V/100V, gas stove, enclosure heater, radiant heater, hallogen heater, sheath heater.

Product Details

Practical capacity: 800 mL

Full water capacity: 1200 mL

Size: Width: 274 × Depth: 144 × Height: 147mm | Diameter: 77mm


Body lid: Stainless steel

Lid and handle: phenolic resin

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