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    FANCL Whitening Essence 18ml

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    Uses Active Vitamin C to prevent melanin production. One bottle can last 60 days.

    sku: FAN01128
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    Product details

    Medicated whitening beauty essence that blocks pigmentation before it appears

    FANCL Whitening Essence is a medicated whitening essence that blocks the beginnings of pigmentation and dark spots before the melanin is generated in the skin. This essence is absorbed easily into the skin and works fast to keep your skin bright and translucent looking. The active whitening ingredient, “Active Vitamin C”, is absorbed deeply into the skin where it continually works to prevent dark spots. “Melano-Bright” and “Fermented White Grape Extract” work to target melanin that accumulates in aging skin. Add to your daily skincare routine for bright and clear skin.

    Free from preservatives, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, or ultraviolet absorbers.
    Low pH. The date of manufacture is shown on the box.

    Featured Ingredients

    Cornflower extract: Targets MIF, the “start of pigmentation”, and reduces the production of melanin.
    VC/VE Complex: Transforms immediately into vitamin C on the skin’s surface and works swiftly to combat pigmentation.
    Fermented White Grape Extract, Melano-Bright: Targets dark spots and accumulated melanin in the skin.

    Order of Use

    Face wash ⇒ lotion ⇒ essence ⇒ mask ⇒ emulsion
    ※ You can use it for morning and evening care.

    Recommended Usage

    2 pumps

    Use By

    Unopened: Fresh up to 1 year
    After opening: Use within 60 days

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