ATORREGE AD+ Medicated Face Moist 80ml

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Miniaturized capsules penetrate to the deep layer of skin.

Originally developed "Moisture fresh formula" enables formulated Vitamin to penetrate into skin and fill with moisture.

Moisturizing ingredients and emollient ingredients fill the stratum corneum with moisture, leaving a plump, soft skin.

Uncoloured, unscented, paraben free

How to Use:

1. Take an appropriate amount (a 100yen sized amount) onto the palm.

2. Warm up the lotion with both hands.

3. Apply it from the most concerned dry area such as cheeks, around eyes.

    Blend it gently by wrapping and lifting the skin upwards a little.

    Then apply it gently over the entire face.

    For intensely dry area, apply it overlappingly.

4. Blend it well with hands pushing the face lightly.

*For the first use, pump a few times until the liquid comes out.

Contents: 80ml

Ingredients: Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Hamamelis extract, Soy extract, Maltose · sucrose condensate * 1, Tamarind seed extract, Natural Vitamin E, Ascorbyl tetra 2-hexyldecanoate, Vitamin A oil, Sodium hyaluronate (2), Sphingoglycolipid * 3, Placenta extract (1), Macadamia nut oil, Shiso extract (2), Trimethylglycine * 2, Camomilla extract (1), Oubaku extract, DL-alanine Soybean lysophospholipid solution, Hydrogenated soybean phospholipid, cholesterol, Multitol solution, D-sorbitol, Glycerin, Concentrated glycerin, Diglycerin, DPG, BG, water, Cetyl 2-ethylhexanoate, N-lauroyl-L-glutamic acid di (cholesteryl · behenyl · octyldodecyl), Polyoxyethylene hardened castor oil, Carboxyvinyl polymer, Photosensitizer 201, Sodium hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Liquid paraffin, Absolute ethanol


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