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ARIMINO Spice Water 200mL

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Product description

A liquid-based cream for your hair styling before you dry.

Shining Straight:
Make straight or dried-out hair look smooth and silky. Pear Mint Scent.

Wave Style:
Highly moisturizing to make hair supple and flexible. Suitable for natural waves. Pear Mint Scent.

Soft Wax:
Adds the right amount of moisture to prevent fly-aways while giving a natural full look. Pear Mint Scent.


5.0 1 reviews

This product was introduced by my hair stylist in Singapore. I really love how light and non-sticky the texture is. I have super tangled hair and applying this to damp hair and letting it dry naturally has been so amazing. They do not sell this product in Singapore and I am happy I found this website for half price! :)