PELICAN SOAP For Back Medicated Anti Acne Soap 135g

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Product description

A medicated treatment for body acne 

Many people suffer from acne on their back and other parts of their body and wonder how to treat it.

In fact, the back is a very common place for acne due to a number of factors. First, the back produces as much sebum as the face, which bacteria feeds on to grow. The second is that we wear clothes! This makes a humid and warm environment for acne-causing bacteria. Finally, blocked pores and dead skin cells on the back cause more bacteria to go.

What’s worse is that more people see your back than you might think! Whether you want to go swimming without worrying about your back, or wear your favorite backless dress, Pelican Soap ForBack Medicated Soap can help.

Pelican Soap ForBack contains no artificial surfactants, parabens, silicons, UV absorbing agents, mineral oil, or alcohol. It is non-irritating and tested to be non-comedogenic. Of course, this soap is great for both men and women!

For best results, moisturize after washing with Pelican Soap ForBack Gel Mist.

Three step treatment for back acne

Step 1. Cleasing the skin and pores

Medicated charcoal and clay absorb oils and impurities from pores, while papaya enzyme exfoliates the skin.

Step 2. Disinfecting the skin with medicated active ingredients

Isoprophlphenol and glycyrrhizinate dipotassium are antibacterial ingredients that kill the bacteria that cause acne.

Step 3. Moisturizing the skin

Yuzu ceramide and collagen help moisturize the skin for healthy function. Lemon peel extract, eycaplytus extract, and ginger extracts provide a naturally fresh and clean scent.

How to use Pelican Soap ForBack

1. Acne causing bacteria can feed off shampoo residue. If you have longer hair, tie it up before washing. 

2. Lather the soap well with a loofa, sponge, net, or other item to form dense and soft bubbles.

3. Apply the foam gently to acne-prone areas and leave for 30 seconds. 

4. Rinse well then gently dry off, being careful not to irritate the skin. 


Active ingredients: Isopropylmethylphenol, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate

Other ingredients: Soap base, purified water, kaolin, bentonite, glycerin, papain, dextrin, sodium chloride, concentrated glycerin, medicated charcoal, tetra sodium hydroxyethanediphosphonate solution, tetrasodium edetate tetrahydrate, hydroxyethane Diphosphonic acid solution, fragrance


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