MILBON Deesse's for Natural Color Design Mu 1X Curly Hair Treatment 600g

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Product description

Step 1 in the Milbon Deesse's Linkage series

Milbon Deesse’s Linkage Mu 1X is the first step in the Milbon Deesse’s Linkage salon treatment series. This is part of the X range in the Linkage series. For more information, see our guide to the three ranges below!

This first step treatment coats the hair in Milbon's own Amino Oil formulation, which aborbs readily into the dry and damaged parts of the hair. This creates a uniform texture from root to tip and deeply nourishes the hair. For best results, use with steps 2 to 4 to lock these nutrients into the hair.

These treatments give the hair a smooth, tangle free feeling from the roots to the tip.

Comes in a fruity, citrus fragrance. 

What is the Milbon Deesse’s Linkage series?

Milbon Deesse’s Linkage series is a salon treatment designed around four steps, each with a unique formulation of ingredients that lock together in the hair to create a three-layered “Aqua Smooth Veil”.

Usually only available in salons, Wonect offers the entire four-step Deesse’s Linkage series for home use!

Step 1: Amino Oil Formulation - Creates a uniform texture from the roots to the tips.
The Amino Oil formulation is absorbed readily into the damaged parts of hair, giving each hair strand a smooth, uniform texture.

Step 2: Moist Keep Barrier - Maintains the hair’s hydrated feeling.
This Moist Keep Barrier is electrically drawn to the Amino Oil formulation, coupling with it to form a veil that protects the moisture in the ends of the hair.

Step 3: Smooth High Collagen - Enhances the smoothness of the hair.
The Smooth High Collagen formulation attaches to the veil that has been created in steps 1 and 2, completing the Aqua Smooth Veil. 

Step 4: Linkage Mu - Maintains and repairs the Aqua Smooth Veil.
This weekly treatment maintains the Aqua Smooth Veil by repairing any parts that have worn away, keeping the hair looking as fresh as the first day it was treated

What Milbon Deesse’s Linkage range should I choose?

Standard Range: For normal, tangle-prone hair
The “standard” type refines the cuticle of the hair, creating a silky smooth veil over each strand. 
Shop the Linkage Standard range: Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4

+ Range: For dry or brittle normal hair
The “plus” type provides moisture to the inner part of each strand, creating a glossy, smooth veil. 
Shop the Linkage + range: Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4

X Range: For thicker, unruly or frizz-prone hair 
The "X" type repairs the CMC lipid layer inside the hair strands, creating a veil that seals in moisture. 
Shop the Linkage X range: Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4

How to use Milbon Deesse's Linkage Mu 1X

Use weekly for best results.

After shampooing, wring or towel dry the hair to remove excess water. This allows the product to penetrate more effectively into the hair.
Apply to the whole vial to your hair, focussing on the middle of the hair to the ends. Work the product well through the hair and allow to absorb, then rinse with warm water. After rinsing, first towel dry the hair and then finish with a hair dryer.

Milbon Deesse's Linkage Mu 1X ingredients

Water · glycerin · amodimethicone · cetanol · stearyl alcohol cetrimonium bromide · cyclomethicone · arginine · diisopropyl adipate · diethyl sebacate · lanolin fatty acid cholesteryl · mineral oil · stearartonium chloride · lactic acid · PG · ethanol · phenoxyethanol · fragrance

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