FANCL Deep Charge Collagen Supplement 180 tablets

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Product description

Tablets to boost collagen

As your body gets older, it becomes harder for it to replace collagen that gets broken down naturally. Deep Charge Collagen contains HTC collagen, Vitamin C and rosebud extracts to maintain collagen in your skin, keeping your face and body looking soft and youthful. Normal low-weight collagen has around 100 linked amino acids, whereas patented HTC collagen has only 3. This makes it easier for the skin to absorb. Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen, and rosebud extract prevents it from breaking down easily.

FANCL’s Deep Charge Collagen comes in several forms. These are small, easy-to-swallow tablets.

How to take:

It is recommended to take 6 tablets per day, preferably in the evening before going to sleep. One pack contains 180 tablets (30 days’ worth).


Active ingredients per 6 tablets:

HTC collagen 1000mg

Vitamin C 100mg

Rosebud extract 10mg

Allergy information:

Contains gelatin.


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