SVELTY Hot Pakkun Yeast Black Ginger Diet Supplement 56 tablets

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Product description

SVELTY Hot Pakkun Yeast Black Ginger: Carbohydrate loving yeast fungus, from black ginger to 6 other varieties of herbs that have been loved for ages, packed into each grain. Supports your diet!

*with chitosan, oolong tea extract, yeast fungus, turmeric extract*

New time capsule manufacturing technique : Yeast fungus activated by food and temperature

    Directions to take SVELTY Hot Pakkun Yeast Black Ginger:(dosage):

    Take 4 tablets per day with water or nukewarm water.


    *Do not take if allergic to any listed ingredients, pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications for illnesses.

    *In rare cases it may not fit your constitution.

    *Thoroughly read product label and instructions before consumption. Take as directed.

    *In the case of illness after consumption, stop use.

    *Product contains vegetable oil derivatives which may lead to change of appearance, but it does not affect product quality and is safe to consume.

    *Store in a cool dark place.


    Dry yeast, black ginger extract, dextrin, chitosan(contains shrimp), digestion resistant, dextrin, lactose(includes milk products), white kidney bean extract

    powder, gymnema sylvestre extract powder, powdered green tea, oligosaccharide, turmeric extract, oolong tea extract powder, lactobacillus bifidus, black

    pepper extract, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, cyclodextrin, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, succinic acid

    Nutrition information (per 4 tablets (1.288g)):

    • Energy: 3.69 kcal

    • Lipids: 0.03g

    • Protein: 0.35g

    • Carbohydrates: 0.78g(sugar 0.19g, fiber 0.59g)

    • Sodium: 0.002g

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