SUNTORY Sesamin EX Oryza Plus Supplement 270 tablets

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Product description

Vitality in a capsule!

  • • A powerful antioxidant supplement
  • • Helps maintain health, vitality, and a youthful apperance 
  • • Helps the body store and use health and beauty-enhancing vitamin E
  • • With ingredients that have been studied to help prevent a range of diseases

Suntory Sesamin EX Oryza Plus is the result of continuous research into health giving power of sesamin.

This anti-aging health supplement combines antioxidant and anti-inflammatory sesamin with polyphenols derived from brown rice, plus vitamin E. These three ingredients work synergistically together to maintain your health, energy, and youthfulness.

It's so simple to make taking sesamin part of your lifestyle! These unique teardrop-shaped tablets have been specifically designed to be easy to swallow. Take them whenever it suits you, whatever time of day.

Frequently asked questions 

What time of day should I take Sesamin EX?
This supplement is best thought of as a health food. In other words, there is no need to take it at a certain type of the day like a medicine. What is most important is to take it consistently! So please feel free to find the right timing that fits your lifestyle.

Is it OK to take Sesamin EX with tea or juice?
For best results we recommend you take this supplement with either cool or warm water.

Can I take Sesamin EX with other supplements?
Yes, there is no problem using Sesamin EX with other supplements.
If you are taking a medication, please speak to your doctor before starting these supplements.

Do I really have to take 3 tablets at a time?
3 tablets a day is Suntory's recommendation for most people. Feel free to adjust that amout based on your body type and diet. While results may vary between individuals, what is most important is to continue to taking them. We recommend taking these supplements at your own pace in a way that you can stick to.

How should I store Sesamin EX?
Please ensure that the lid is tightly closed and store in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight. Please also avoid keeping these supplements in the fridge as this can cause condensation to form.

Isn't it better to simply eat seasame seeds to get sesamin?
There are three reasons why it is tricky to get sesamin from simply eating sesame seeds.
1. Sesamin is a rare compound that makes up less than 1% of sesame seeds.
2. Sesame seeds are protected by a hard shell which makes it hard for the body to effectively absorb this small amount of sesamin.
3. Sesame seeds are made up of 50% fat. In other words, calories can be an issue.
Sesamin EX is an effective and easy way to add sesamin to your diet.

What is Oryza Plus?
Oryza Plus is an ingredient derived from brown rice that works to maintain the condition of the body as we age. This polyphenol ingredient has been derived from nutrient-rich brown rice using Suntory's own techniques. Oryza Plus and sesamin work together and give a more powerful effect taken together than taken separately.


Take 3 tablets per day.

Contains 270 tablets for a 90-day supply.


Rice germ oil, sesamin, gelatin, vitamin E, glycerin, tocotrienol.

Contents (per 3 tablets/1.11g):
Sesamin - 10mg
Vitamin E - 55mg
Tocotrienol - 2mg

Nutritional Information (per 3 tablets/1.11g):
Calories - 7.42kcal
Protein - 0.35g
Fat - 0.63g
Carbohydrates - 0.03-0.15g
Sodium - 0-6mg
Salt equivalent - 0-0.02g
Potassium - <1mg
Phosphorous - <1mg

Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding. If currently on medication, consult your physician. Maintain a healthy diet while taking.

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