Meiji Amino Collagen Starter Kit 90g

Meiji Amino Collagen Starter Kit 90g

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Meiji Amino Collagen Starter Kit 90g

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Rated no. 1 among beauty collagen supplements!

Amino Collagen reborn! Now formulated better than ever!

The new Amino Collagen formula is packed with beauty enhancers that Meiji carefully researched. This powder is so concentrated that now one spoonful is 3g (versus the old version of 7g). One spoonful (3g) contains 25mg of glucosamine, 50mg of vitamin C, 62.5mg of milk ceramide, 500mg of amino acids (arginine, glycine, and cystine), and 1,000mg of highly-active collagen. Stir the powder into your coffee, yogurt, orange juice, or even soup for quick and easy drinking!

One Starter Kit contains 90g and will last about 30 days. It comes with everything you need: spoon, bottle, and collagen cup.

How to Consume:

Drink one spoonful (3g) once a day.

Peel off the seal on the collagen cup and place the cup into the bottle. Screw on the cap and pop open the top. Fill one spoonful and level off using the cap edge. When you run out, throw out the cup and buy the refill!


Fish collagen peptide, maltodextrin, milk phospholipid extract (contains sphingomyelin), vegetable fats and oils, trehalose, glycine, cyclic oligosaccharide, vitamin C, arginine, glucosamine, cystine, thickener (gum arabic), emulsifier, flavoring (certain raw ingredients contain dairy products, orange, soybeans, and gelatin)

Nutritional Information (3g):
Energy - 11kcal
Protein - 1.3g
Fat - 0.07g
Carbohydrates - 1.4g
Sodium - 10mg
Vitamin C - 50mg
Collagen peptide - 1,000mg
Milk ceramide - 62.5mg (as sphingomyelin - 10mg)
Arginine - 137mg
Glycine - 360mg
Cystine - 3mg
Glucosamine - 25mg

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