Kiribai Underarm Cool Sheet 10 sheets (5 pairs)

Kiribai Underarm Cool Sheet 10 sheets (5 pairs)

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Kiribai Underarm Cool Sheet 10 sheets (5 pairs)

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Cool breeze sensation for your armpit with cooling pad

Heat countermeasure to attach on your blouse or shirt. With two kinds of cooling ingredient formula, it will cool the area of your armpit everytime you apply it and the sensation spreads and lasts long. It also absorbs smell with its deodorant ingredients. Only 0.3 mm thick and with beige color that does not stand out even when wearing white clothing.

● Do not stick directly to the skin ● If abnormalities on the skin such as itching, eczema or redness occur on the skin after use, immediately stop usage and rinse thoroughly with water. If you lick the sheet, gurgle with water. In any case, if there is abnormality, bring this product and consult with a dermatologist etc after treatment ● Do not wash, dry, iron clothes while sticking the sheet.


Nonwoven fabric, menthol, deodorant

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