Kenei Baby Vaseline 60g

Kenei Baby Vaseline 60g

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Kenei Baby Vaseline 60g

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Made for babies and adults.

Winner of the 2015 Mother's Selection Award, this petroleum jelly contains no perfumes, colorants, or parabens.

Baby Vaseline was made for the skincare of not only adults but the delicate skin of babies too. It is colorless, unlike the white vaselines that you would normally see, so it's free of impurities and safe to use on a baby's skin. It's velvety and easy to spread onto skin. Have fun with your one-on-one lotion time.

Where to Use:

- Behind the ears where changing clothes can chafe the skin. Be sure to protect the earlobes.
- On elbows and knees, which dry out easily. Smooth out wrinkled skin and then apply.
- The face (forehead and cheeks). Spread gently.
- All over the chest, stomach, and back, spreading evenly.
- On the butt, especially where irritation from diapers can occur.
- Dry lips.


White vaseline

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