IRIS OHYAMA Futon Cleaner White IC-FAC2

IRIS OHYAMA Futon Cleaner White IC-FAC2

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IRIS OHYAMA Futon Cleaner White IC-FAC2

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Light yet powerful futon cleaner

The lightest (as of May, 2016) in the futon cleaner field.

Using size (cm):  W25 × D 45.9 × H 21.2 

Storage size (cm): W 25 × D 14.4 × H 40.3

Body weight (kg): 1.6

Power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz)

Power consumption: 400W

Cable length: about 4m

Number of vibrations: about 6000 times per minute

Dust collection capacity: about 0.2L

・Equipped with a mite, dust sensor whose light tells you the number of ticks and dust.

・Repels allergens by absorbing and beating.

   At the same time, it warms up futon and make the environment in which mites are not likely to flourish.

・Easy operation with movable cleaner.

・Can be washed with water

・Scrapes and absorbs house dust by making cyclone airflow generated inside of the suction head.

   More than 98% House dust removal rate in 3 minutes. 

Two Dust collecting filteres CF-FS2 , Two Exhausting filters CF-FH2 are included.

*If the voltage at your home can not fit between AC100V, please use transformer.

The outlet is A type. If the socket has different shape, please use adapter or transformer. (If the voltage convert is neccesary, use the transformer, not just adapter.)

If you don't use the collect transformer or adapter, the electric appliance would break down. We can not response to exchange or refund if it used in the improper usage. 

If you are not sure whether it fits to your socket, or you have any question, please go to info and ask us before you order.


★★ Recommended on Queen Taiwan  女人我最大 ★★

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