IPPUDO Akamaru x 3

IPPUDO Akamaru x 3

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Ippudo Instant Noodle Shiromaru Tonkotsu Ramen 119g 10 Boxes

Ippudo Instant Noodle Shiromaru Tonkotsu Ramen 119g 10 Boxes

IPPUDO Akamaru x 3

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Enjoy the taste of IPPUDO at home!

Based on SHIROMARU, it pursues rich and deep taste.

By adding the original oil and spicy miso, you can enjoy a variety of tastes and harmony at the same time.

Set Contents: 

Noodle100g, Soup 46g, Basic soup 20g, Spicy Miso 50g, Oil 5g

Ingredients: ● noodles: wheat flour (including eggs), fermented seasoning, wheat protein, starch syrup, egg white powder, salt ● soup: pork bone soup (Garasupu (pig bones, vegetables), sugar, gelatin, protein hydrolyzate), pork powder , Seabura (lard, salt), Garasupu (including pork, chicken), salt, three brown sugar ● it's based on: (including soybeans, wheat), soy sauce, salt, fermented seasonings, mirin, soy sauce processed products, kelp tea, garlic, miso, scallop extract, ginger ● miso: protein hydrolyzate (including a soy-gelatin), (including wheat) pepper, three brown sugar, mirin, soy sauce, fermented seasoning, doubanjiang (red pepper, broad bean , saline), Kusurinenhishio (fructose glucose liquid sugar, soy sauce, doubanjiang, salt, etc.), sugars (sugar mixture isomerized liquid sugars, starch syrup), garlic, ginger, pepper, kelp tea, yeast extract ● Oil: edible Vegetable oil, fried garlic Fried onion (including soybean and wheat), edible refined processed fats <Additives> Seasonings (amino acids etc.), alcoholic beverages, thickeners (guar, modified starch, xanthan), Na lactate, coloring (caramel, carotenoid) , Antioxidant (VE), kansai acidulant, sweetener (stevia, sucralose, acesulfame K), modified starch (batting)

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