GRAPHICO Foot-Medi Fragrance Topcoat 10mL 2 Scents

GRAPHICO Foot-Medi Fragrance Topcoat 10mL 2 Scents

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GRAPHICO Foot-Medi Fragrance Topcoat 10mL 2 Scents

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A topcoat that only requires one coat and leaves your toes smelling oh-so-nice.

Wearing stockings and pumps all day will definitely leave your feet with a nasty odor -- even your toenails!

Foot-Medi Fragrance Topcoat infuses your toenails with concentrated fragrance, making easy footcare possible. Apply this clear topcoat after your usual pedicure and the fragrance will last on your nails for 48 hours. Combined with keratin and jojoba oil for conditioners and silver, which is great for footcare. Quick-drying. Okay to use with gel nails and on fingernails. Choose from two scents.

White Rose scent:
Base notes: musk, sandalwood, powderly
Mid note: rose absolute
Top note: rose essence

Oriental Bouquet scent:
Base notes: orange blossom, powderly, musk
Mid notes: lily of the valley, rose, plum
Top notes: apple, grapefruit

How to Use:

- Apply over nail polish that is completely dry.
- You can apply it on top of your toenail and on the underside and base.
- You can reapply every 2-3 days for renewed fragrance and nail color luster. Remove with ordinary nailpolish remover.


Butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, cellulose acetate/butyrate, parfum, isopropanol, acetyl triethyl citrate, sucrose benzoate, butanol, jojoba oil, camphor, etc.

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