GRAPHICO Foot-Medi Foot Etiquette Mist 110mL 2 Scents

GRAPHICO Foot-Medi Foot Etiquette Mist 110mL 2 Scents

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GRAPHICO Foot-Medi Foot Etiquette Mist 110mL 2 Scents

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Here's a fragrance especially made for the stuffy, sweaty, and dirty smell of your feet.

The soles of your feet release about a cup's worth of sweat every day. Of course, the leather shoes or boots that you wear will make your feet stuffy and start to sweat. Even for the ladies who wear heels or sandals without socks or pantyhose, their sweaty-foot scent haunts them...

You'll enjoy using this fragrance specially blended for foot use on the bottoms of your feet. Even if it mixes with the odor of your feet, the top, middle, and base notes are formulated to keep a pleasant scent.

Comes in two scents: Floral Shampoo and Fresh Green (110mL).

Floral Shampoo
Base notes: musk, woody
Middle notes: jasmine, lily of the valley
Top notes: lemon, green apple

Fresh Green
Base notes: musk
Middle notes: Litsea cubeba, lemongrass, jasmine
Top notes: lemon, orange, elemi

How to Use:

The mist spray allows you to use this in front of people and not attract attention by the sound of an deodorant sprayer.


Ethanol, water, parfum, butylene glycol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Scutellaria root extract, persimmon tannin, acacia bark extract, cymene-5-oar, tea leaf extract, tea tree leaf oil, etc.

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