FABIUS fruit green tea 90g

FABIUS fruit green tea 90g

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Natural Healthy Standard green tea

Natural Healthy Standard green tea

MUJI instant rooibos ginger chai tea 130g

MUJI instant rooibos ginger chai tea 130g

FABIUS fruit green tea 90g

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Stick-type fruit green juice with 81 kinds of enzymes

It's fresh fruit taste, so recommended for those who don't eat vegetables.

Easy to carry since it's stick, powder-type.

Take 1 or 2 sticks per day. Add approx. 100ml of water, lukewarm water or milk per stick.

Can be added in various food such as yoghurt.

Ingredients: Reduced maltose starch syrup, barley young leaf powder, kumazasa powder, dextrin, lactose, tomorrow leaf powder,

Fruit juice powder, fish collagen, cyanobacterial extract complex product [Acacia dietary fiber, Locust bean extract, blue-green alga extract (blue green algae), pomegranate extract], matcha, Plant fermented extract, powdery extract extract powder, sporangium lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria (bactericidal), Melon Placenta (placenta) extract, fruit · vegetable extract, soy milk powder, pineapple fruit extract, Perfume, guar gum, tea extract, β-carotene, cyclodextrin, Monascus pigment, (Including milk, wheat, gelatin, soybeans, oranges, apples, bananas, kiwi fruits, sesame, cashew nuts as part of raw materials)

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