FANCL green juice premium 30sticks

FANCL green juice premium 30sticks

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FANCL green juice premium 30sticks

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Premium kale green juice to substitute vegetable and supply dietary fiber from FANCL

Kale produced in mineral farm. Excellent in nutrition balance powder. Recommended for people who want/need the benefit of vegetable without eating them.


Kale (domestic product), starch decomposition product, water soluble dietary fiber, vegetable twintose (oligosaccharide)

Nutrition components:

Dietary fiber: 0.81 to 2.0 g, sodium: 18 to 44 mg, potassium: 161 to 445 mg, calcium: 91 to 215 mg, magnesium: 17 to 48 mg, iron: 0.19 to 0.36 mg, β-carotene: 555 to 2029 μg, 76 to 229 mg of vitamin E, 0.46 to 1.6 mg of vitamin E, 98 to 222 μg of vitamin K, 39 to 93 μg of folic acid, 14 to 44 mg of total chlorophyll, 14 to 44 mg of total chlorophyll, 27000 to 78 000 units of SOD-like activity, 0.97 to 2.7 mg of lutein, Twintose: 500 mg /// Energy: 25 ~ 44 kcal per one /// Coloring agent, salt, preservative, fragrance not added

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