DHC Protein Diet Shake 5 flavors 15 meals

DHC Protein Diet Shake 5 flavors 15 meals

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DHC Protein Diet Shake 5 flavors 15 meals

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"DHC Protein Diet" is a drink type replacement diet meal.  It contains 11 kinds  of necessary vitamins and 11 kinds of minerals.
1 meal is less than 178kcal, 5 flavors.

No artificial coloring, preservatives 

Direction: 1. Prepare a shaker (600ml) and water 350ml.  2. Pour water 350ml into a shaker.  3. Put DHC Protein Diet powder 1 bag in to the shaker.  4. Shake well.

※ In the case you don't use a shaker, please mix the powder and water well.

※ Please replace up to 1- 2 meals out of 3 meals a day.

[5 taste common nutritional ingredient]
Total polyphenols 120mg, ornithine hydrochloride 120mg, coenzyme Q10 35mg, hyaluronic acid 20mg, vitamin P 2mg, molybdenum 25μg, calcium 400mg, iron 8mg, zinc 5mg, copper 0.7mg, magnesium 140mg, potassium 950mg, manganese 2.2mg, selenium 22μg, chromium 30μg, iodine 110μg, vitamin A 550μg, niacin 15mg, 4.5mg pantothenic acid, vitamin B1 1.5mg, vitamin B2 1mg, vitamin B6 1mg, vitamin B12 3.2μg, vitamin C 60mg, vitamin D (vitamin D3) 3.8μg, vitamin E (d-α- tocopherol) 6.5mg, folic acid 180μg
[Strawberry milk flavor] protein 20.2g, fat 3.2g, carbohydrate 13.7g, dietary fiber 7.5g, sodium 365mg (calorific value: 178kcal)
[Cocoa flavor] protein 20.9g, fat 3.9g, carbohydrate 10.9g, dietary fiber 8.2g, sodium 383mg (calorific value: 177kcal)
[Coffee milk taste] protein 20.5g, fat 3.5g, carbohydrate 11.8g, dietary fiber 7.8g, sodium 374mg (calorific value: 175kcal)
[Banana flavor] protein 20.5g, fat 3.1g, carbohydrate 13.4g, dietary fiber 7.5g, sodium 368mg (calorific value: 177kcal)
[Milk tea flavor] protein 20.8g, fat 3.1g, carbohydrate 13.3g, dietary fiber 7.5g, sodium 379mg (calorific value: 178kcal)


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