Chocola BB Fe charge 50mlx 10bottle

Chocola BB Fe charge 50mlx 10bottle

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Chocola BB Fe charge 50mlx 10bottle

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Iron is a necessary nutrient to produce red blood cells. One bottle of Chocola BB Fe charge supplies 4 mg iron, an amount required to compensate for iron deficiency per day. It’s blended with vitamin B complex, calcium, and L - Ornithine, for a beautiful and lively woman just like you! It's easy to drink and one bottle is only 5 kcal.


Erythritol, reduced starch syrup, ornithine, acidulant, Ca gluconate (extract), fragrance, iron citrate Na, preservative (sodium benzoate), sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), niacin, V. B 2 , V. B 6 How to use: Please take 1 bottle per day as prescribed.


How to use:

Drink only one per day.

CAUTION: This product is not something that will cure disease or improve health with more intake.

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