Established in Japan in 1983, Phiten is loved worldwide by athletes both professional and casual for their performance enhancing, injury preventing, and healing METAX technology. METAX is the name for Phiten's hydro-colloidal metals, which are made by creating a suspension of microparticles of titanium, gold, or other metals in liquid. By harnessing the natural power of magnets and metals, Phiten products boost circulation and improve the flow of energy in the body so that muscles can relax and return to their natural, healthy state.

Phiten supports and guards for the wrists, knees, and more, are perfect both for preventing and healing injuries. Made from high quality materials and designed to a Japanese standard of excellence, Phiten supports and guards are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and firmnesses.

Phiten RAKUWA necklaces and bracelets are famous worldwide and beloved by international athletes like world champion figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu and Major League Baseball players. Boost athletic performance, heal shoulder pain, or simply add a little athletic flair to your outfit.

If you’re looking for high performance athletic tape, you can’t go wrong with Phiten! They have sold over 1 billion Titanium Power Tape Discs worldwide. Phiten Aqua Titan roll tape and Power Tape patches harness the power of titanium to heal the body and prevent injuries.

You can browse’s huge Phiten range right here! All products are guaranteed genuine and ship fast worldwide directly from Kyoto, Japan!

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