TORAY Torayvino Toray Shower RS52 3 colors

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Featuring a brand new design: now even more gentle!

Remove the chlorine for your water for a more gentle way to wash your hair and skin.

Did you know that residual chlorine in the water supply can damage your hair and skin?
Residual chlorine found in the public water supply can oxidize and degrade the proteins in your hair cuticles. This can cause split ends, breakage, dandruff, and itching.
It can also oxidize the skin’s proteins, damaging its ability to retain moisture and resist environmental damage.

The new RS52 version features finer openings in the shower head and more of them. This allows for great waterflow that feels gentle on the skin. Its “silky-touch” water flow can be enjoyed in comfort by everyone, including those with sensitive skin.

An economical cartridge

The Toray Torayvino RS52 shower comes with a useful function that allows you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water as needed. Use filtered water when you are bathing, then switch the filter off to use unfiltered water to clean the bathroom. This reduces waste, meaning each cartridge lasts longer.
Each cartridge lasts for approximately 5 months, making this system very economical. When running unfiltered, this shower head uses approximately 30% less water than previous models, saving you money on your water and gas bills.

Torayvino Shower RS52 Specifications

Colors available: Blue green, Warm grey, Light Pink
External dimensions: 235mm (length), 85mm (maximum width)
Weight: 372g
Material: ABS Resin
Filter media: Activated charcoal
Filtration amount: 8L/minute
Filtration ability: Free residual chlorine, total filtration amount 12,000L, removal rate 50%
Cartridge life: Five months, calculated based on 80L use per day
Cartridge type: Toray RSC51 cartridge

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