SHU UEMURA Gentle: Nectar Cleansing Oil in Emulsion 450 ml

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★★ Recommended on Queen Taiwan ★★

 ★Release Date: 2017/09/01

From the renowned make up artist: the first emulsion cleansing oil

To celebrate its 50th anniversary of cleansing oils, SHU UEMURA created nutri:nectar as nourishing and cleansing oil for delicate skin.

Composed with essential oils, this healing fragrance comforts skin as if taking a deep breath in the forest. Together, calming Acai, replenishing Magnolia and Reishi Mushroom for its resilience restorability, lies at the heart of the nutri:nectar formula.

This extravagantly nourishing fusion is carefully composed to reboot skin barrier function while resisting the environmental stress. This cleansing oil in emulsion created with the power of nature help even dry delicate skin feels conditioned & strengthened.


-Milky lotion with cleansing oil

-Gentle and delicate even to dry skin

-Rich and fine textured



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