Santen Sante Antimicrobial New Eye Drops 12ml x 2

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Your eyes are red, itchy, and blurry? Use this anti-bacteria eyedrop

Conjunctivitis is often caused by bacteria, and injury causes bacteria to penetrate the sebaceous glands of the eyelids and the base of the eyelashes, resulting in inflammation. Sante Antibacterial New Eye Drop is an eye drop blended with sustained sulfa drug (sulfamethoxazole) which is an antibacterial agent. Effective for itching, inflammation and tissue metabolism of the eye.


Conjunctivitis, blepharitis (eyelid soreness), itching.

Note for tye: Be careful not to scrub the eyelids or apply stimulus to the eyes.


1 to 2 drops at a time. 3 to 5 times a day.

Component - Amount - Function:

Sulfamethoxazole (antimicrobial component) - 4.0% - Sustained sulfa agent, which shows antibacterial activity to causative bacteria of conjunctivitis and straw.
Chlorpheniramine maleate - 0.03% - Suppresses histamine, hyperemia and itching.
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate - 0.25% - Suppresses eye inflammation.
Taurine - 0.5% - Activates tissue metabolism.

Additives: Sodium edetate hydrate, hypromellose, benzalkonium chloride, pH regulator