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@cosme Best Cosmetic Award Winner
Best Eyeliner 2018, First Place
Best Eyeliner 2017, First Place

What are you looking for in an eyeliner?
The answer that came to this question was a surprise. 

"One that doesn't smudge."
"One that doesn't wear off."

Most women were extremely negative when asked to talk about eyeliner. 
This experience strengthened Flowfushi's resolve to do better.

"I want an eyeliner that draws a line exactly the way I want it."
"I want the line to stay in place."

It may seem obvious, but these two factors are the essence of what an eyeliner should be.
Flowfushi Mote Liner was designed to give back the value women demand of eyeliners.

Draw the line you want 

Tradition meets science: The Flowfushi Mote Liner brush was born through the meeting of traditional brush-making in Kumamoto and Nara and cutting edge science of brush design. Four types of bristles with different hardnesses sourced from the Kumamoto region were blended together using hand-massaging techniques from master brush craftsmen in Nara.

High grade stability with octagonal aluminium casing: The Flowfushi Mote Liner case was designed based on ergonomic principles to achieve optimal ease of use. Its octagonal shape was designed in collaboration with makers of writing implements. Simply pick it up to understand the premium feel and sense of stability that comes with aluminium casing. This design allows even those new to applying eyeliner to draw the exact line they want.

The key to longevity is construction

Water resistance is a key element to drawing a beautiful line that stays in place. Flowfushi Mote Liner's revolutionary eyeliner liquid is 200% more resistant to water than other products.

To develop a truly waterproof eyeliner, Flowfushi drew upon areas that require long-term resistance to water in harsh environments. They consulted craftspeople in the field of researching waxes used for wood flooring and external building coatings. Thanks to the participation of these craftsmen, Flowfushi was able to design a high-adhesion liquid polymer resistant to water, humidity, and sebum while remaining completely body safe.

Color guide

An eye-catching classic black: A true eyeline is created through the look of our natural lashes. Flowfushi's black eyeliner is designed around the look of a healthy, glossy lashes.

A gorgeous brown with presence: Flowfushi Mote Liner's brown shade is blended with the red shade of hemoglobin, or the natural shade of our blood. The addition of this red tone blends perfectly with the tone of the skin to give a gentle impact to the eyes.

A mature brown-black: If you feel that black is too harsh, but brown lacks impact, then Flowfushi Mote Liner's brown black shade blended with khaki is perfect for you. This shade is so popular that many people associate black-brown liner with Flowfushi.

An eye-brightening navy black: This popular navy shade gives you a presence that separates you from the crowd. Gives you an unique clear and crisp impression while brightening the appearance of the whites of the eyes.

Cherry cheek: This natural red-toned shade blend beautifully with the skin tone for a naturally flushed look. Just apply for a healthy complexion boost. Works great when used alongside the brown-black shade.


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