LION TOP Super NANOX Laundry Detergent 950g x 2pcs

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Product details

Super detergent for laundry which lifts off and removes dirt that causes yellowing and darkening, sebum/sweat stain, and more!

Newly developed super nano wash which thoroughly removes dirt from fiber. It breaks down the dirt from with nanofiber with unique cleaning component MEE. Prevents dullness and darkening due to recontamination during washing. Fragrance of fresh crystal soap.

How to use:

- You only need to rinse once. 
- If there are "rinse" and "water rinse" options on your washing machine, choose "rinse".
- You can use softener and bleach as usual.
- Wash according to the picture display.

Approximate amount used: 10 g (10 ml)

Usage notes:

● Keep out of reach from children.
● To prevent accidental drinking, keep out of reach from people with dementia.
● Do not use for external application.
● Use kitchen gloves when your hand is chapped.
● After use, wash your hands thoroughly with water and treat them with cream etc.
● Wipe off thoroughly with water immediately when spilled.


Surfactant (54% polyoxyethylene fatty acid methyl ester, alkyl ether sulfuric acid ester salt, linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid salt, polyoxyethylene alkyl ether), a stabilizer, a recontamination inhibitor, a pH adjusting agent, an enzyme