BANDAI Tamagotchi m!x 6 colors

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Product details

The new generation of Tamagotchi!

BANDAI Tamagotchi m!x is the new generation of the famous and long loved Tamagotchi toys!

The more your Tamagotchi grows, the more fun it is! How will the way you raise your Tamagotchi change the way it looks? The Tamagotchi m!x offers a wealth of new features, including a color screen and brand new gameplay. Your Tamagotchi can go to town, meet other Tamagotchi, and mix with them to create totally unique Tamagotchi offspring! There are 27 character types that can be mixed with each other to create new types of baby Tamagotchi. 

Connect with your friend's Tamagotchi for even more fun!

Connect your device with a friend's to hold a wedding for your Tamagotchi, and play mini games such as fortune telling, quizzes, and family photos!

Melody m!x and Spacy m!x

Choose from two types of Tamagotchi m!x: Melody m!x and Spacy m!x

Three color variations for both type are avalable: pink, blue, and purple.

Product Material

Body, button key: ABS · PC

Target age

6 years and over

Package Size

Width: 8 cm Height: 11 cm Depth: 5 cm


Two AAA batteries (sold separately)

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