003 NUMBER THREE MurieM Scalp Shampoo A 660ml

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Product description


Keep the moisture while wash tough oily-dirt off. Protect hair and scalp from dandruff, itchness and odor by sweat.

Effectively combinated cleansing ingredients reduce irritation to hair and scalp. 

Following 8 materials is non-added.


・petroleum-based surfactant・mineral oil・artificial flavor・artificial colors

Net wt: 660ml

Product size: 70×70×250

Ingredients: Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, ricinoleic acid glyceryl, seaweed extract (4), seaweed extract (1), gentian extract, POE lauryl sulfosuccinate 2Na solution, coconut oil fatty acid methyl taurine Na solution, lauric acid amidopropyl betaine solution, diisostearic acid PEG, PEG Coconut oil fatty acid N-methylethanolamide, POE (20) coconut oil fatty acid sorbitan, distearate PEG-1, DL-malic acid, Na citrate, O- [2-hydroxy-3- (trimethylammonio chloride ) Propyl] hydroxyethyl cellulose, DPG, 1.2-Benzanediol, concentrated glyceryl, POE coconut oil fatty acid glyceryl, lauroyl hydrolyzed silk Na solution, hydrolyzed royal jelly protein solution, quilla extract, tea extract, BG, Kawarahaya extract, clove extract, glycerin, fatty acid Ester, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, Novara oil, spearmint DOO oil, menthol, glycerine ethylhexyl ether, EDTA-2Na


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Perfect shampoo for cleansing scalp

This is a very good shampoo for cleansing the scalp. It has a slight and pleasant medicated smell and after washing, the hair feels airy and the scalp feels clean without any oily smell. Plus, it has a cool and minty after wash, totally love it!