OMRON Elepuls Low Frequency Electric Therapy Device HV-F128

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Product description

Used in a variety of substantial medical treatments.

The Elepuls comes equipped with 12 types of automated therapy courses and 5 modes including targets for different parts of the body. It will perform the perfect therapy for every condition, body part, and massage style.

The automated courses include a Deliberate Course for shoulder stiffness that will carefully loosen any muscle knots. With the help of 1200Hz, the Refreshed Course quickly softens muscle and nerve pain so that you can relax and think about other things besides your pain. In addition, there are six courses pertaining to specific parts of the body and four courses with various massage styles based on your condition or massage preference (pressing, tapping, crumpling, and stroking).

Five different stimulation modes programmed for everything from shoulder stiffness to pain include Hyper Mode, Soft Mode, Repeat Mode, Point & Wide Mode, and White & Red Balance Control. You can combine more than one mode.

The pad is guaranteed to last. If the adhesive part of the pad gets dirty and loses its stickiness, you can rinse it with water to restore it like new.


2 long-life electrode pads. 2 AAA batteries.

Size Specifications:

Width: 60mm x Height: 199mm x Depth: 21mm


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