FANCL Body Milk Whitening & Aging Care Anti-aging Body Lotion 150g

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Product description

Moisturizing, whitening, and aging care can be achieved with this bottle!

It protects the body that tends to deteriorate the barrier function due to drying and daily friction damage, and leads to transparent skin full of moisture.

How to Use:

Use a diameter of about 1.5cm x 8-10 times for the whole body.
Use a diameter of about 1.5cm for one arm.
Use a diameter of about 1.5cm x 2 times for one leg.

Fresh Period:

Unopened / fresh up to 2 years
After opening / use within 60 days

It doesn't use any preservatives, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, or ultraviolet absorbers.
Weakly acidic. The date of manufacture is shown on the box.


4.5 2 reviews

Ever used Fancl Body Whitening Milk last time when Fancl was in Singapore. Happy that Fancl is back again but didn't carry this product so bought it at This is a new product with aging care in it. Feel light, moisture and easily absorbed, good product, like it.

Not bad

It's alright. My skin is very dry so it probably needs something more. That said, it works quite well. It does leave a greasy feeling, so use sparingly and maybe tissue off the excess. Haven't used it long enough to notice any 'whitening' effect but my skin feels softer.