FANCL FDR Acne Care Essence 8g

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Product description

Target breakouts with a spot-care gel

FANCL's FDR Acne Care Essence is a thick acne gel that quickly penetrates the source of the breakout and treats it on-the-spot without leaving scarring behind. It prevents the formation of acne and keeps it under control. It defends against build-up of sebum and dirt in the pores. Your skin will feel calm and smooth.

Free from preservatives, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, and ultraviolet absorbers. Low pH.

※ Non-comedogenic tested.
This test has been done under dermatologist supervision.
It may still contain allergens. Can be used for adolescent acne.

※ Includes alcohol (ethanol). If you are sensitive to alcohol, please refrain from using.

Order of Use

AC Washing Cream ⇒ Acne Care Lotion ⇒ Acne Care Essence ⇒ Acne Care Milky Gel

How to Use

Apply a pea-sized amount per pimple in the morning and night.
Contains 8g for about 50 uses.

Use By

Unopened: Fresh up to 1 year
After opening: Use within 120 days

The date of manufacture is shown on the box.

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5.0 3 reviews
Light acne cure

Had been using this for years. Very good product indeed. Its gelish light and not too heavy to the face making it feel just right for the acne cure.

Most perfect acne care essence

The perfect acne care essence for calming your acne as well well treating it. Use it after your moisturiser then follow by your bb cream or foundations. Thats how i use it. It works well and i hope you will try it too. No regrets!

Good topical treatment

Long time user. It's a clear gel consistency and works pretty well as a topical treatment. Use sparingly as it sometimes leaves a bit of residue after it dries - which you can wipe off with tissue. It can be used on its own without the other products in the range, but you should still look into other causes (like diet, lifestyle, hygiene etc) for a more holistic treatment.