MUCOTA Hard Case & Pump 700mL

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Product description

A hard case and pump for the Mucota Adllura Aire line

This MUCOTA Hard Case and Pump is case that fits 700mL refill bottles in the Mucota Adllura Aire lineup. This stylish case is a no-mess, elegant way to use and display your Mucota products. 

If you find yourself regularly buying Mucota Adllura Aire line products, investing in this stylish case and the larger refill 700mL bottles may be an economical choice for you!

Please note: This product is the hard case and pump only. Mucota Adllura Aire refill products are sold separately. 

How to use

1. Open the cap of the refill product

2. Cover the refill from above with this hard case

3. Set the refill in place by pushing up the bottom of the refill case 

4. While pressing up on the bottle of the case, insert the pump and close securely

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3.5 2 reviews
Nice but pricey

Need this bottle for the large-sized shampoo and conditioner. Luckily, can re-use; otherwise, it's pricey


A must needed casing to keep my mucota treatment refills standing! However it's rather expensive!