No matter if your hair is frizzy, permed, coloured, straightened, or even thick or thin hair... there's an Mucota Aire for the ideal hair care you need. Did we mention how wonderful MUCOTA Aire hair care products smell?

Choices of Mucota Aire includes the leave in treatments for 09 an 10 (for wavy hair and straight hair respectively), 02 shampoo for frizzy, thick hair, and 07 treatment to bring the shine back into the hair. Aire also also DUNE EX to care for highly damaged hair!

How to Choose Mucota Aire Products

Choose shampoo and treatment depending on your hair condition. Weekly treatment is for damaged hair from perm/ coloring. As an optional special care for hair, try the leave-in treatments.

Item Category Hair type Effect Fragrance
MUCOTA Adura aire 01Aire 01 Shampoo(non-silicone) Thin, flat hair Give your hair resilience, smoothness Apple & Peach
MUCOTA Adura aire 02Aire 02 Shampoo Thick hair Give your hair anti-frizz and moist feeling Mangosteen
MUCOTA Adura aire 03Aire 03 Treatment(non-silicone) Thin, flat hair with moisture Give your hair volume and smoothness Apple & Peach
MUCOTA Adura aire 04Aire 04 Thin, flat and dried hair Make your hair anti-frizzy, while keeping volume Apple & Peach
MUCOTA Adura aire 05Aire 05 Treatment Thick hair with moisture Make your hair light and smooth Mangosteen
MUCOTA Adura aire 06Aire 06 Thick dried hair Make your hair light, moistured and anti-frizzy Mangosteen
MUCOTA Adura aire 07Aire 07 Weekly treatment Permed / Straightened hair Damage care from perming / hair straightening, keep hair gloss and tension La france pear
MUCOTA Adura aire 08Aire 08 Coloured hair Damage care from coloring, keep hair colour longer La france pear
MUCOTA Adura aire 09Aire 09 Leave-in treatment Wavy hair To keep wavy hair style, give softness Green Apple
MUCOTA Adura aire 10Aire 10 Straight hair To keep straight hair style, give smoothness Green Apple

Is this you? Use these Mucota Aire combinations!

I have thin flat hair and my hair is straight and moistured. My hair is not permed or colored but I want also try leave-in treatment to make my hair more smooth and shiny.

I have thick, dried hair. I want to prevent my hair from dryness and damage from hair coloring.

I have thick hair, dried and damaged from permanent. I want to take care of hair damage while keeping wavy style.

MUCOTA Adllura Aire Dune EX Line

Shampoo and Treatment

Extra moist hair care line for all types of highly damaged hair.
Intensive damage care with more moisture elements than Aire 01~10 hair care products.
May not the best choice for very sensitive skin as it contains silicone and other moisturizing elements.

700g Refill is also available!