Cleansui MONO Series

Water filter system with its cartridge placed horizontally. A new Clean Nozzle comes for mouth of the water filter system when exchanging water filter cartridges.

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Cleansui CSP Series

Water filter system with its cartridge placed at the back. This Cleansui series comes with a Digi-Check Navi function that measures if the water flow is completely filtered or not. A lever is available to switch between clean water and tap water.

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Cleansui Faucet Type

For attaching directly to the faucet. It is cheap for initial stages, and require little space. Cartridge is replaced quarterly.

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Cleansui Non-portable Type

This water filter system is placed by the side of your sink. Suitable for families as its size allows a large amount water to be filtered. The Cleansui cartridge is replaced annually.

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Cleansui Flask Type

Cleansui flasks will meet your need for portability, be it for outdoor use, or for cooling in the fridge.

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