ROHTO Hadalabo Shirojun Medicated Whitening Lotion 170mL

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sku: ROH01041

Product details

Suppress the production of melanin and prevent dark spots and discoloration.

Shirojun Medicated Whitening Lotion is a medical-strength skin lotion to brighten your face (170mL). It contains high-grade arbutin to brighten skin and nanoized hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, and a vitamin C derivate for high-intensity moisture. Arbutin suppresses the production of melanin to prevent dark spots and discoloration, giving you bright, glowing skin, while sodium hyaluronate and a vitamin C derivative moisturize the skin. Dry skin that's been damaged from ultraviolet rays will be renourished and softened. Skin will become clear and glowing from the inside with hydrating moisture. 


Active ingredient: Arbutin
Other ingredients: Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, hydrolyzed hyaluronate, sodium-2 hyaluronate, butylene glycol, concentrated glycerin, sobitol solution, POP methyl glucoside, disodium succinate, succinic acid, vinyl pyridine/styrene copolymer emulsion, paraben