FANCL FDR Sensitive Skin Care Cleansing Liquid 60mL

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Product description

Protecting skin's hydration with plenty of moisturizing bubbles.

The gentle lather of microbubbles acts like skin's natural barrier to gently protect sensitive skin with no friction and no irritation. It cleanly washes off excess oil, dirt, and any other creams that you've applied on your skin. If you wash twice, it will remove light makeup.

Order of Use:

FDR Sensitive Skin Care Cleansing Liquid ⇒ FDR Sensitive Skin Care Lotion ⇒ FDR Sensitive Skin Care Cream/Milk (⇒ FDR Sensitive Skin Care Barrier Gel Oil)

How to Use:

Use an amount about 2cm in diameter.


(Diethylene glycol/hydrogenated dimer dilinolic acid) copolymer, butylene glycol, glycosyl trehalose, glycerin, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, sodium coco acetate, sodium cocoyl alanine, potassium cocoyl glutamate, sodium cocoyl methyl taurine, diglycerine, etc.

Fresh up to 1 year if unopened.
Use within 30 days after opening.

Contains no preservatives, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, or ultraviolet absorbers.
Mildly acidic.
The date of manufacture is shown on the box.


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