ATORREGE AD+ Acne Spots Treatment 10ml

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Excellent product

There are a lot of pimple products out there but this is the one that I found to be effective and best of all it doesn't dry or irritate my skin. Although it is just 10 ml, it can last quite awhile. I just need one or two drops to dab on my pimples and the next day the redness will lessen and pimples too become smaller. This is the 2nd bottles that I have purchased.


Best Pimple!! After once use the minor pimple will be gone and the severe ones you can see it subsiding! Many products claim to be suitable for sensitive skin but it either don't work so well or it will aggravate my sensitive skin but Atorrege products don't at all! This pimple serum can help to subside the rash/bumps due to sensitive skin too!

love this product for my pimples

this is the best acne serum ever......^_^ iam so glad that i found this and its become my holly grail acne serum. My skin is very sensitive and my face full of red pimples big and little..and so irritated before i use this product. After use it regularly on 2 weeks..i can see a very good progress on my skin. the pimples is reduces and the red is also gone...and many pimples also gone and also the blemishes... i love it so much... but because my acne is full of my face ..1 bottle just for 10 so pricey...but the product is very recommended