Avene Cotton Mask Extra 10 sheets

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When the skin is sensitive
When concerned with skin dryness
When you want to make the effect of Avene Water even stronger
When you feel like your skin feels rough at night
When make-up application feels bad on your skin
When you are concerned about greasiness
When you feel damage after sunburn
When skin is irritated
After cleansing and after shaving


Basic Usage:

1. Hold the mask as shown on the guideline after opening the bottom of the gusset

2. If you want to soak it with Avene Water, spray it for around 20 seconds

3. If you want to soak it with toner, make sure you do it firmly

4. Close the lid and then press it lightly with your hand to distribute the toner/water evenly

5. Spread the mask and put it on your face for 5 to 10 minutes. After using the mask you can use lotion or cream etc.




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