KRACIE Lamellance Technology Body Wash Precious Rose Bouquet 480 mL

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Product description

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Kracie Lamellance maintains skin’s natural resistance and moisture

This body soap makes a classy impression with its rose bouquet scent, which has notes of citrus, geranium and musk. It boasts new technology that helps your skin to retain moisture on its own.

The name “Lamellance” comes from lamellar bodies in the keratin layer of the skin, which are necessary to keep our skin waterproof and prevent inflammation from irritants we encounter in everyday life. Lamellance technology is designed to preserve this barrier layer in our skin, which is easily damaged by other body wash products. This allows the skin to retain moisture itself after bathing without the need for extra moisturising products.

For normal skin. Contains 480ml. A refill is also available.

How to use:

It is recommended to use a lathering net. Wet the net and add a couple of squirts of Lamellance Body Wash. Lather the soap into a foam and gently spread it over your body without rubbing too hard on your skin, then rinse off.

For those who want an extremely silky finish, don’t foam up the soap too much before application. You can adjust the amount of lathering to suit the final texture that you want.

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Lamellance rose body wash

Other website sell very ex. This is my 2nd purchase. I have use the blue bottle and I’m trying the rose scent . It will leave a light and moisturise texture on your skin