E-SMILE Oyamashiki Premium Body Shaper Posture Training Foot Pad

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Product description

Just wear it on your toes and walk!

This uniquely-designed posture corrector stabilizes your body's axis and increases the benefits of walking. As people spend more time sitting in an office than walking and exercising, getting the most out of the time that you spend walking is more important than ever. Equally important is the posture of your back after being hunched over a work desk.

Bad posture causes the body's bone structure to become unbalanced and your muscles to work unevenly, opening the door to a number of modern physical health problems, such as lower back pain and even a flabby belly.


Professor Yoshinori Ohyama, Emeritus professor of Osaka University, believed that the origin of these issues lies in the sole of the foot and that they can be solved by targeting that area. He subsequently developed a posture-corrector that leads to body stabilization from the sole of the foot. His research over the years has formed that Ohyama Body Make Pad.

How to Use:

Some discomfort or pain may be caused due to the correction process, which forces the sole of the foot to land properly on the ground. In case of severe pain, take the pad off and allow some time before wearing. Take the pad off while bathing and sleeping.


Material: Styrenic elastomer
Color: Light orange
Size: 22-28cm


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