WAKASA SEIKATSU Hyaluronic Acid Supplements 31 tablets

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Product description

Hyaluronic Acid supplement with other beauty ingredients (Vit E, collagen, etc.)

Our body's hyaluronic acid is gradually decreasing as we age. Also, it is difficult to keep taking it through everyday meals because it is contained in foods that you do not usually quite often like shark's fin and sushi etc. For that reason, it is recommended that you take it from supplements.

The smaller the hyaluronic acid, the more easily it is absorbed. Based on such characteristics of hyaluronic acid, WAKASA SEIKATSU succeeded in reducing the molecular weight considering the absorption of hyaluronic acid. It is about 300 times smaller than ordinary hyaluronic acid and the amount of absorption has increased by about 19 times.

How to use:

To get 60 mg hyaluronic acid, take 1 grain per day

Raw materials:

Evening primrose oil, vitamin E-containing vegetable oil, swallow nest extract, blue papaya extract, collagen peptide (derived from fish), maize embryo extract (containing ceramide), elastin / gelatin, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, Plant lecithin (derived from soybeans)


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I like this supplement brand.works for my dry skin.