BIOFERMIN Shin-Biofermin S Probiotic 540 tablets

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Product description

Essential intestinal lactic acid bacterias for constipation

Three features:

1. Using lactic acid baterias which can live in our belly
2. With 3 types of lactic acid bacterias that can work from our small to large intestine.
3. It can be used safely from babies to elderly people.


concentrated bifidobacterium extract 18 mg: It clings to large intestine, creating lactic acid and acetic acid and regulating intestinal effect.
concentrated faecalis bacterium extract 18 mg: It clings mainly to small intestine, quickly multiplies, and arranges troubled intestinal microflora.
concentrated acidophilus bacterium extract 18 mg: It clings mainly to small intestine, stimulating lactic acid and suppressing harmful bacteria.


Corn starch, dextrin, lactose hydrate, precipitated calcium carbonate, americium powder, white sugar, talc, magnesium stearate


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