OMRON Elepuls Low Frequency Electric Therapy Replacement Pads HV-LLPAD 2 pieces

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Product description

Long-life pads.

Long-lasting replacement pads for the Elepuls Low Frequency Electric Therapy Massager.

The pads are guaranteed to last ten times longer than previous pads. If the adhesive part of the pad gets dirty and loses its stickiness, you can rinse it with water to restore it like new.

Compatible with HV-F02, HV-F110, HV-F113, HV-F127-J3, HV-F900-JE4, HV-F128-J3, HV-F900-V6, HV-F126, HV-F128, HV-F125, HV-F127, and HV-F124P.


2 long-life electrode pads.


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