LEBEL IAU Cream Melt Repair Treatment Refill 1000g

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Product description

A rich treatment conditioner for damaged hair

IAU Melt Repair is a repairing treatment for damaged hair. This product works to quickly and evenly deliver haircare ingredients all throughout the hair. It also coats the weakest parts of the hair with a water repellent finish that protects against further damage.

IAU Melt Repair includes a rich concentration of highly moisturizing honey and a shine-enhancing CMC cocktail. These ingredients work effectively to deliver beautiful hair that’s light, shiny and easy to style.

For deeply moisturized, sleek, and easy to style hair

Moisturizing ingredient: Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Rose green fragrance.

How to use

After shampooing, gently wring excess water from the hair and massage product evenly through the hair. Rinse well.

IAU Cream Silky Repair or IAU Cream Melt Repair?

IAU Cream Silky Repair is best for those who want a lightweight, volume boosted finish. Great for those with fine or thin hair that tends to get weighed down by heavier treatments. Its main moisturizing ingredient is silk PPT extract, and its fragrance is lighter and fresher. This product makes hair smooth, light, and easy to style.

IAU Cream Melt Repair has a richer texture for a more deeply moisturized finish. This is great for thick, curly, or dry hair that needs a more more dense treatment. Its main moisturizing ingredient is meadowfoam seed oil, and it reduces frizz for a more sleek, easy to handle finish. It has a warm, relaxing scent.

Both ingredients include honey for moisture and a CMC cocktail for extra shine!

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