PHITEN Titan TapeX100 Black Titanium Infused Support Tape for Sport and Injury 5cm x 4.5m

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Product description

How to Tell if a Phiten Product Is Authentic?

Phiten Titanium Tape X100: The most powerful Phiten titanium tape!

Phiten's Titanium Tape is an easy-to-use roll-type Phiten tape formulated with Aqua Titanium X100. This technology infuses the materials with nanoscopic titanium particles that have been suspented in water using Phiten遯カ蜀ア water-soluble metal technology._つ 

Sized at an easy-to-use 5.0cm width, Phiten Titanium Tape X100 is suitable for use on larger areas of the body, including hips and shoulders, and can taped over joints or along muscles.

The reverse side of the Phiten tape includes a peel off backing with printed measurements, which makes cutting to size easy! Round off the corners of the tape when cutting to size to make the tape more resistant to peeling.

The Phiten Titanium Tape X100 can be used in a wide variety of situations, including recovery from injury, joint support, and sports.

Product details

Fabric: 97% cotton, 3% polyurethane
Adhesive: Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive
Plastic pipe: Polyethylene
Technology: Aqua Titanium X100, Micro-Titanium spheres


  • Do not apply the Phiten tape over open wounds.
  • If rash, redness or itching occurs, please remove tape, and if necessary seek medical advice.
  • Apply only on clean, dry skin. If necessary, remove body hair.
  • Tape can be worn over a period of several days if no discomfort or irritation occurs.
  • The tape should be replaced after 2-3 days for hygenie reasons.

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Phiten black tape

Whenever I have a cramp in my feet, pain in my knees or back ache. I will put this on. You don't need a big piece, just a small one will do. It helps to relax the muscles and the pain is all gone. What's 2nd best about this is it doesn't have that kinda funny strong medicated smell! This is really a good product.