FANCL Sunguard 50+ Protect UV Sunscreen 60mL

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Product description

FANCL Sunguard 50: A FANCL sunscreen to protect skin from strong UV rays and external stimuli!

This FANCL sunscreen is highly sought after, providing the highest SPF and PA level to cut out all ultraviolet rays. The milky formula from this Fancl sunblock resists any decrease in sun-protection strength caused by sweat and natural oils in the skin. This enables your face and body to be well-guarded from outside stimuli and the harmful effects of sun damage like photoaging. This FANCL sunscreen is great for people exploring the outdoors for sport or leisure.

Fancl Sunguard is also suitable for use on the face and body. Waterproof formulation.

What's the difference between SPF and PA?

*SPF is the part that protects your skin from becoming red after exposure to the sun's rays. The number expresses the level of prevention effectiveness.

*PA is the component that blocks UV-A rays to prevent sun-tanning/sunburn. There are four levels of PA strength (weakest→strongest): +, ++, +++, and ++++.

The FANCL Sunguard 50 has both highest SPF and PA protection (SPF50+ and PA++++).

How to Use FANCL Sunguard 50

Use two large coin-sized amounts for application on the face and arms. Use a generous amount on the body.

※ Please shake well before use.
※ Use this sunscreen before applying makeup primers.

How to Remove the FANCL sunscreen:

Face ⇒ After using cleansing oil, wash off with face wash.
Body ⇒ Cleanse your body with body wash. (Use cleansing oil if you want to remove quickly.)

※ If children use this, please help them to remove and wash off.
※ May contain allergens or cause skin irritation.

Freshness Period for FANCL sunscreen:

Unopened / fresh up to 1 year
After opening / use within 6 months

It doesn't use any preservatives, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum-based surfactants, or ultraviolet absorbers.
Date of manufacture is shown on the box.

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4.7 8 reviews
My favourite sunguard

Easy to spread on face and not oily, good for sensitive skin like mine.

Best Sunscreen

Best sunscreen ever. Not oily even after long day

Excellent sun screen

Best physical Sunscreen. I have tried chemical Sunscreen from other brands. It caused me to have more freckles due to the chemical reaction after exposing to the sun. I also tried other brand physical Sunscreen, oily and feels like a film on the skin. Fancl Sunscreen is physical Sunscreen that is non sticky and works excellent without causing more freckles formed on my skin.

Favourite sunguard

Safe & light white that could used as a foundation