FANCL Good Choice Basic Vitamin and Supplement Mix 30 sachets

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Product description

26 different types of basic nutrients -- such as vitamins, minerals, and coenzyme Q10 -- all in one pack.

This pack is combined with components like DHA and lactic acid bacteria essential for modern-day life. Recommended for people who want to get the full dose of basic vitamins and minerals needed for proper nutrition.

<DHA emulsified-form absorption>
Mostly located in the eyes and brain, it supports healthy vision and cognitive ability.
<Lactic acid bacteria>
Healthy bacteria that work smoothly every morning to promote a healthy balance.
<Calcium, magnesium & zinc>
Minerals that are often insufficiently consumed in modern people.
<Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E & carotene>
They work for energy production.
<Vitamins B & C>
Basic vitamins that can't be stored in the body.

How to Use:

Suggested 1-3 packs per day.


[One pack contains vitamins B & C; calcium, magnesium, and zinc (vegetable twintose); coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, and carotene; DHA emulsified absorption; lactic acid bacteria.]

Beta-carotene: 2.3mg, vitamin D: 0.42μg, vitamin E: 50mg, vitamin B1: 8.3mg, vitamin B2: 4mg, niacin: 5mg, vitamin B6: 3.3mg, folic acid: 67μg, vitamin B12: 20μg, biotin: 166.6μg, pantothenic acid: 10mg, vitamin C: 333mg, calcium: 58mg, magnesium: 29mg, zinc: 0.7mg, inositol: 17mg, vitamin P (hesperadin): 2.8mg, coenzyme Q10: 3mg, alpha-carotene: 0.43mg, lutein: 3mg, lycopine: 0.8mg, zeaxanthin: 0.1mg, vegetable twintose: 83mg, fish oils containing DHA: 147mg (DHA: 69mg, EPA: 6.2mg), vegetable lactic acid bacteria: 16.7 billion [vitamin A equivalent: 208μg]


- Don't consume if you are allergic to gelatin.
- If your urine becomes more yellow than normal, it is a temporary effect of vitamin B2. There is no need to worry.


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